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AUN stands for "Aluminum UNiversal" and this range of ramps will lift motorcycles, but also act as a cargo slide or cargo loader.

They slide straight out like a cargo slide but will also tilt to load/unload motorcycles and cargo. Cordless tool driven, no need to draw wires or drill holes in the cargo bed. Aerospace aluminum construction, using 6061 T6 alloy. Can be cut to size or extended to carry choppers. Metal parts are zinc plated and powder coated. 

Can be equipped with extenders to lift bikes to 1,5 meters. Will work with vans, but also monster /adventure trucks, Pick-up trucks etc. The lift system uses a self-locking, fin cooled, oil submerged, self-locking worm drive. Recommended torque for the cordless tool is 60Nm (18 or 24V professional tools will do).